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Academic Tutoring and PSAT/SAT/ACT
Test Preparation in Edison and Cranbury, NJ


Get quality academic tutoring and test preparation that will help your student succeed. But finding the right tutoring program to meet your child's needs can be difficult. At AE2 Learning, we have a strong tutoring team that offers a wide variety of tutoring services designed to identify and improve academic weaknesses while giving students the skills they need to flourish in competitive tests, higher grade levels, and collegiate academics.

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About Us

Give the student in your family the tools he or she needs to succeed with our rigorous academic tutoring and college preparation workshops. AE2 Learning is an educational enhancement and tutoring center dedicated to helping students succeed in the academic world. As your go-to source for skills development and test preparation, we offer a full suite of courses that focus on the significant examinations that students are sure to face before being accepted to their college of choice.

With our tutoring and college preparation services, students receive the personalized attention they need to improve comprehension and study skills, building a strong foundation for their academic futures. From math tutoring and training to SAT test preparation and ACT exam preparation, our center has the resources necessary to make your student more competitive and dynamic in areas where he or she requires the most improvement. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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SAT/PSAT Examinations

SAT/PSAT scores help colleges and universities interpret the overall academic abilities and performance levels of their applicants. Competitive and top tier colleges value standardized scores like the SAT/PSAT because they allow accurate evaluation of incoming students. Get invaluable help with SAT/PSAT test preparation for your student, from the dedicated and caring team at AE2 Learning. The results will be nothing short of amazing.

ACT Examinations

The ACT is another standardized test used for college admissions. Five core test areas include math, science, reading, English, with an optional writing component. ACT exam preparation guidance is also available from AE2 Learning.

AP Examinations

Get student tutoring for AP examinations from AE2 Learning. Most four-year, degree-granting colleges offer advanced placements based on AP exam scores. We help your young scholar hone that competitive edge and build confidence that will benefit him or her throughout any post-secondary academic career.

Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive tutoring services. We serve students around the world with both in-person and web-based lessons.


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