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Our Tutors

Dr. Ravi Chandran

Dr. Ravi Chandran

General Mathematics, Competition Mathematics, & Chemistry

  • Chemical Engineering Major & Mathematics Minor
  • Founder & President of the Academy for Education Enhancement
  • Founder & President of CHEMIONIC Labs & Consulting CHEMIONIC Technologies
  • Adjunct Associate Professor at Raritan Valley Community College, & Middlesex County Community

Beyond teaching all levels of college mathematics, Ravi tutors students for the SAT and ACT, along with elementary, middle, and high school math and chemistry. Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience, he has the knowledge and skills necessary to help students thrive.

Ms. Chitra Chandran

General Biology, AP Biology, & Mathematics

Mrs. Chitra Chandran has an M.S. in Biology from the University of Akron, Ohio. She has teaching experience as adjunct faculty in local colleges teaching Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, and General Math. She has several years of diverse work experience in pre-clinical and clinical research. Her contribution to pre-clinical work on Interleukin 1 alpha and beta receptors and endothelial adhesion molecule receptors has been published in reputed journals: Nature, Protein Engineering, and Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, USA.

Mr. Cristian Fernandez

English Program Coordinator

Cristian Fernandez joined Wardlaw+Hartridge in 2018 as an Upper School English teacher, along with AP Psychology and several electives. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Secondary Education from The College of New Jersey, where his minor was in Psychology. Before joining W+H, he taught at Hanover Park High School, where he taught English, Film, and AP Seminar and served as Debate and Forensic Head.

Mr. Suraj Chandran

Physical Sciences & Mathematics, SAT/ACT

A graduate of the Wardlaw+Hartridge School in Edison, NJ, Mr. Chandran currently studies chemistry and mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania as a member of the Class of 2022. He has experience with many AP and SAT Subject exams, including calculus, chemistry, biology, and physics. Additionally, he has enjoyed success in the American Mathematics Competition and has qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam. He currently works on research in the rational protein design of redox-sensitive proteins and serves as the battery systems lead for the University of Pennsylvania's electric racing team. Teaching specialties include higher-level mathematics and Physical Sciences. In his teaching, he emphasizes an exploratory approach to develop a strong conceptual understanding of various topics. Suraj is also a part of the Phi Beta Kappa Delta Chapter and has a Manuscript published in The Journal of Chemical Physics. UPenn has also recognized Suraj's academic success and has awarded him the Vagelos Challenge Award. 

Ms. Avani Sharma


Avani Sharma graduated from John P. Stevens High School; she is currently a sophomore at New York University, where she is on the premed track studying public health and biology. In high school, she took all honors and AP courses. She earned 1540 on her SAT, 34 on her ACT, and an 800 in SAT Math II, as well as 4s and 5s on all her AP Exams. As a tutor, her skills include being able to engage students and encourage critical thinking to help students better understand the material being taught.

Ms. Foram Pare

PSAT/SAT/ACT Writing - English

In 2022, Foram completed her undergraduate education at Rutgers University. She graduated with Honors in Psychology and Creative Writing. Foram is now pursuing an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johns Hopkins University. She is also an intern at Jodhpur School of Public Health, where she works as a research assistant and has co-authored a publication in the Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development. Foram enjoys tutoring students on the English portion of the SAT as well as helping elementary, middle, and high schoolers develop their writing skills. Foram aims to instill a better understanding of literary skills to help students excel in critical reading and writing for the SAT and beyond.

Ms. Jahnavi Canakapalli


Jahnavi Canakapalli is currently a sophomore at the University of California San Diego. She scored highly on the SAT and received a 5 on the AP Language and Composition, AP World History, and AP Psychology tests. She is also currently taking all AP courses, including AP Biology, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, and AP Literature. She teaches Biology, SAT/PSAT prep, and multiple math courses. She's dedicated to helping students cultivate their academic skills and truly enjoy learning.

Ms. Sanjana Srini

SAT/PSAT/Academic English & Math, & Digital Media Coordinator

Sanjana Srini is currently a sophomore at Parsons School of Design. She is well versed in her academic studies and has taken multiple AP Courses, including AP Seminar and AP Research. At AE2 she manages the digital media platforms, working on website changes, social media advertisements, and more. As a tutor, she teaches SAT English and Math, as well as PSAT and academic basics for all high school, middle school, and elementary level students. She ensures that students are learning to the best of their abilities to help them strive beyond a classroom setting with their newfound academic confidence.

Ms. Lizzie Lomjaria - Cranbury Center


Lizzie Lomjaria is a rising sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Finance with a minor in Mathematical Finance. She graduated high school from the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies. She is well-versed in both Mathematics and English and has scored highly on both the SAT Math II and SAT Physics subject exams. Lizzie is also well-accustomed to many AP exams and classes, especially AP Calculus BC, AP Physics I, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, and AP English Composition. She hopes to pursue a career in business and finance. She strives to create an open learning environment in which improvement is always encouraged.

Mx. Adrian Mohan


Adrian Mohan is currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. They are pursuing psychology at Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. They have taken several AP classes, including Statistics and Biology, scoring highly on Language and Composition and Psychology. They teach biology, SAT/PSAT, and various math courses. As a tutor, Adrian ensures that their students have a comfortable learning environment in order to build up their academic confidence over time.

Ms. Aasha Yeluri

SAT, Chemistry, & Academic Math/English

Aasha Yeluri is currently a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in Computer Science. She scored high on the SAT and ACT, and has taken numerous AP courses, including AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, and AP Statistics. She teaches Chemistry, SAT Prep, Calculus and numerous other math courses. She strives to help students thoroughly understand topics and begin to enjoy academics.

Mr. Neel Shejwalkar

Physics & Mathematics

Neel is a junior studying Computer Science and Mathematics at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. He graduated high school from JP Stevens High School, where he took all Honors and AP classes. He received a 1560 on his SAT, and scored 800s on both the Math SAT II and Physics SAT II. Throughout high school, he scored 4s and 5s on his 10 AP exams, including 5s on AP Calculus BC, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics C: E&M, AP Lang, AP Literature, and AP Microeconomics. At AE2, Neel creates an open environment for his students and encourages them to think about concepts in different ways to help gain a more complete picture of the subject.

Ms. Shannon Wu


Shannon Wu attends Emory University as a business and math/statistics major. She attained a 34 superscore on the ACT and has received training in both the SAT and ACT. Throughout her high school career, she also took all honors and AP classes, such as AP Calculus BC, AP Language and Composition, and other classes essential for academic preparation. She teaches a wide variety of mathematical topics ranging from Algebra 1 to multivariable calculus and also excels in essay writing. As a tutor, Shannon creates an environment that is comfortable and relatable for every student. She makes concepts that seem rather complex much more simple, allowing students to approach problems with much more ease.

Anu Nori - Cranbury Center 


Anu Nori has her Masters in Computer Science and even has her New Jersey State Teacher Certification completed in Mathematics. She has tutored at all levels of mathematics and has teaching experience in Algebra I, II, Algebra Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

Physics Tutoring Near Me

Many high school students find physics challenging. At AE2 Learning, we understand students' struggles and offer comprehensive physics tutoring services to help them improve their grades and excel in this subject.

Our physics tutoring services aim to help students understand the fundamental concepts of physics and impart a love for the subject. Our expert tutors work one-on-one with students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop a structured study plan tailored to their needs.

Our physics tutoring sessions are highly interactive and engaging, employing multimedia tools to help students visualize and understand complex scientific concepts. Our tutors have years of experience working with high school students, and they have been trained to teach physics in a way that makes it accessible and easy to understand.

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Turn to AE2 Learning whenever you are looking for "physics tutoring near me" in Cranbury. Our tutors are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of physics, including mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and much more.

Contact AE2 Learning today and get the specialized physics tutoring services that your child deserves. We'll schedule a tutoring session as soon as possible and watch as your student's understanding of the subject improves dramatically.

Chitra Chandran

Ms. Chitra Chandran

Suraj Chandran

Mr. Suraj Chandran

wardlaw teacher

Mr. Cristian Fernandez 

Ms. Aasha Yeluri 

Ms. Avani Sharma

Ms. Avani Sharma

Ms. Sanjana Srini 

Foram Pare

Ms. Foram Pare


Ms. Lizzie Lomjaria 

Mx. Adrian Mohan

Ms. Shannon Wu

Ms. Jahnavi Canakapalli


Mr. Neel Shejwalkar

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QuotationDr. Chandran has helped me understand topics better, stay ahead of the class, and adjust myself to the rigorous atmosphere of high school Math honors classes."
—Karan M.

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