Give the young scholars in your family the academic edge they need to succeed with the tutoring programs from AE2 Learning. Our individualized approach targets the most significant need, and we tailor our services to sharpen skills in that area.

To meet these specific targets, we assembled a team of academics with strong backgrounds in each area of study.

Overcoming Obstacles

We've assembled a staff with a strong background in general biology, mathematics, and English, to ensure the student is prepared for every aspect of the testing process. They have a background in physical sciences, standardized testing, and education. When you request a chemistry tutor for the student in your life, you can be sure that they will be prepared for any obstacle they face.

Choose a Course that Fits

To ensure we reach every student in need, we've developed a series of courses to fit every schedule. Learn more about our approach and the advantage that comes with individualized study when you ask about a free trial class. We're adapting to the people we serve, and the times we live in with online tutoring. Meet our tutors:

Dr. Ravi Chandran

Dr. Ravi Chandran

General Mathematics, Competition Mathematics, & Chemistry

  • Chemical Engineering Major & Mathematics Minor
  • Founder & President of Academy for Education Enhancement
  • Founder & President of CHEMIONIC Labs & Consulting CHEMIONIC Technologies
  • Adjunct Associate Professor at Raritan Valley Community College, & Middlesex County Community

Beyond teaching all levels of college mathematics, Ravi tutors students for the SAT and ACT, along with elementary, middle, and high school math and chemistry. Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience, he has the knowledge and skills necessary to help students thrive.

Ms. Chitra Chandran

General Biology, AP/SAT Biology, Mathematics
Mrs. Chitra Chandran has an M.S. in Biology from the University of Akron, Ohio. She has teaching experience as adjunct faculty in local colleges teaching Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, and General Math. She has several years of diverse work experience in pre-clinical and clinical research. Her contribution to pre-clinical work on Interleukin 1 alpha and beta receptors, and endothelial adhesion molecule receptors has been published in reputed journals: Nature, Protein Engineering, and Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, USA.

Mr. Suraj Chandran

Physical Sciences and Mathematics, SAT/ACT
A graduate of the Wardlaw+Hartridge School in Edison, NJ, Mr. Chandran currently studies chemistry and mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania as a member of the Class of 2022. He has experience with many AP and SAT Subject exams, including calculus, chemistry, biology, and physics. Additionally, he has enjoyed success in the American Mathematics Competition and has qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam. He currently works on research in the rational protein design of redox-sensitive proteins and serves as the battery systems lead for the University of Pennsylvania's electric racing team. Teaching specialties include higher-level mathematics and Physical Sciences. In his teaching, Mr. Chandran emphasizes an exploratory approach to develop a strong conceptual understanding of various topics.

Ms. Avani Sharma

Avani Sharma graduated from John P. Stevens High school; she is currently a sophmore at New York University, where she is on the premed track studying public health and biology. In high school, she took all honors and AP Courses. She earned 1540 on her SAT, 34 on her ACT, and an 800 in SAT Math II as well as 4s and 5s on all her AP Exams. As a tutor, her skills include being able to engage students and encourage critical thinking to help students better understand the material being taught.

Ms. Mili Sinvhal

PSAT/SAT/ACT/Mathematics/English & Marketing
Mili Sinvhal recently graduated from John P. Stevens Highschool and is currently a freshman at UCLA.  She scored 1580 on the SAT and an 800 on the Math II SAT Subject Test. Mili consistently performs at a high honor level in school and has received straight As in her AP courses including Calculus BC, English Language, and Composition, United States History, and World History. Her ambition and perseverance have earned her a near-perfect GPA. She is interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Her skills and knowledge are extremely versatile, allowing her to adapt her teaching style to meet the needs of students of all age groups and learning abilities. 

Ms. Foram Pare

PSAT/SAT/ACT Writing - English
Foram attended Edison High School and graduated with Highest Honors from Middlesex County College. She is currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in Creative Writing at Rutgers University. Foram has been helping students with the English portion of the SAT as well as writing skills for elementary, middle, and high schoolers at AE2 Learning for 5  years. Foram’s goal is to help her students gain a better understanding of literary skills to help them excel in writing and critical reading for the SAT and beyond.. 

Ms. Lizzie Lomjaria

Lizzie Lomjaria recently graduated from the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies, where she studied mechanical engineering and is currently a freshman Carnegie Mellon. She is well-versed in both mathematics and English and has scored highly on both the SAT Math II and SAT Physics subject exams. Lizzie is also well-accustomed to many AP exams and classes, especially AP Calculus BC, AP Physics I, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, and AP English Composition. She hopes to pursue a career in business and finance. She strives to create a learning environment in which making mistakes is okay, and improvement is always encouraged.

Ms. Sanjana Srini

Academic English/Math, PSAT8/9, & Digital Media Coordinator  
Sanjana is a current senior at J.P. Stevens High School. She is well versed in her academic studies and has taken AP courses such as World History & Seminar. At AE2 she manages the digital media platforms working on website changes, social media advertisments, and more. As a tutor she helps teach academic english and math, such as Algebra 1 & Geometry, as well as PSAT 8/9 for rising highschool students. She ensures that students are learning to the best of their abilities to help them strive beyond a classroom setting with their new found academic confidence.   

Ms. Yeshaswi Pulijala

PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP & SAT Biology/Mathematics
Yeshaswi Pulijala graduated from John P. Stevens High School and is currently a rising junior at Rutgers University. She is on the premed track and is majoring in Genetics and double minoring in Political Science and Historical Law. She is adept in many sciences, as she has scored highly on AP Biology, on AP Environmental Science, and has earned high marks in her college science courses. Yeshaswi has been providing instruction in all academic subject areas at AE2 Learning for the past two years. All the while, she has tailored instructional approaches to fit the student in question and build an affable learning environment.

Mr. Aniket Narkhede

SAT & Mathematics/Physics 
Aniket Narkhede graduated from John P. Stevens High School and is currently a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he studies computer science. Aniket has garnered substantial honors and AP experience through his high school classes (including AP Calculus BC, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C, AP Lang and AP Lit), and he strives to provide his students with effective lessons, practice, tips, and tricks to succeed in a challenging classroom environment. He specializes in math and physics, covering classes ranging from Algebra 2 to Calculus and Linear Algebra, and the AP Physics courses. Aniket makes it a priority to ensure that his students are able to understand the concepts behind the topics that are covered, along with being equipped with the proper tools to approach various types of problems.  

 Ms. Pehel Patel 

SAT, PSAT 8/9 & Academic Math/English
Pehel is a current senior at John P. Stevens High School and looks forward to pursuing the interdisciplinary field of Cognitive Science. Pehel has scored an 800 on the Math II SAT Subject Test and scored highly on the SAT as well. She has experience with many AP Courses such as English Language and Composition, Calculus AB, US History, and World History. Instructing SAT, PSAT 8/9, and various levels of academic math and english, Pehel is dedicated to creating an engaging and rewarding learning environment for all students, helping them become more confident in their abilities and personal growth. 

Chitra Chandran

Ms. Chitra Chandran

Suraj Chandran

Mr. Suraj Chandran


Ms. Yeshaswi Pulijala

Ms. Mili Sinvhal
Ms. Mili Sinvhal

Ms. Avani Sharma
Ms. Avani Sharma

Sanjana Srini
Ms. Sanjana Srini 

Foram Pare
Ms. Foram Pare


Mr. Aniket Narkhede

lizzie lomjaria

Ms. Lizzie Lomjaria

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QuotationDr. Chandran has helped me understand topics better, stay ahead of the class, and adjust myself to the rigorous atmosphere of high school Math honors classes."
—Karan M.

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