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AE2 Learning Testimonials


Dr. Ravi Chandran and his team of professionals at AE2 offer best in class tutoring services for students. Years ago Dr. Chandran worked 1 on 1 with my son and not only did he get almost a perfect score on his math SAT but he went on to get a full academic scholarship for a mechanical engineering program in the honors concentration at Rowan University.

Now he’s working with my daughter, an 8th grader who moved up two levels in math in a single year!! She will be entering JP in the honors math program all because of the time and support of AE2 Learning! If you want your kids to get the focus they need, there is no other place to go!"

—Malini P.

QuotationMy son started for Maths with Mr. Ravi after freshman year in high school. Ravi and his team are very patient and cater the lesson plans to student’s academic progress in school. Mr. Ravi personally ensures all his students are getting the proper level of attention and monitors the student’s progress through tests and quizzes on multiple topics. Overall, really satisfied with my son’s progress in his school and AE2 has played a big part in this.
— Chinmay L.

QuotationMy child improved a grade in Chemistry because of the help he got from Dr. Chandran. Our first meeting with Dr. Chandran was very promising. He assured us that he was going to work with my child to improve the poor grade. Dr. Chandran and his very qualified tutors worked steadfastly with my child to make this promise true. Not only did his grade improve, but he also gained confidence in his abilities. Another great quality about AE2 Learning is that Dr. Chandran worked around my child's hectic schedule. It was never too late or too early to come to the center. Many thanks to Dr. Chandran and his team for providing an outstanding service! "
—Lesley M.

QuotationI have been going to Dr. Chandran for the past 6 months to improve my SAT score. Dr. Chandran has helped me each week and trying his best to improve my score. His help and dedication has made my score exceed to a 1560 from a 1160. Thanks to Dr. Chandran and all the English teachers, my score has boosted." 
—Nishith S.

Quotation I had tutoring for Chemistry and my tutor was able to help me tremendously and had a lot of patience in explaining the concepts to me multiple times. I was able to get the additional review I needed with his excellent teaching and it helped me a great deal in the actual class. Additionally, Dr. Ravi was very accommodating with my schedule and was able to adjust to any changes given. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I recommend using this tutoring service."
—Snigda B.

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