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At our tutoring center, we believe that the success your student finds in their studies is firmly connected to the type of success they should expect when they move on to their specific college and beyond. With this in mind, we offer intensive training for competitive tests, including Math Olympiad, MATHCOUNTS, AMC, and many others. With the help of our tutors, students will improve the level of comprehension and understanding of core concepts involved with all levels of math, chemistry, and more.

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An Individualized Approach

Every student we serve is different in some way, so our courses and test preparation strategies are tailored to the needs that each student brings to the table. Our skilled educators identify areas in need of improvement, a process that allows students to focus on the areas that matter most.

That said, an understanding of class content is just part of what we give our students. Through our flexible and individualized system, we aim to help them develop critical thinking and learning skills that make them better test-takers in the near term, enhancing their academic careers for years to come. Because of this approach, an investment in one of our exam preparation courses is sure to serve your student well for years after their high school days are finished.

Intensive SAT Preparation

The goal of our tutoring services is to utilize a unique combination of group lessons, one-on-one teaching, and student workshopping to ultimately give each and every student that works with us a deeper understanding of the concepts presented to them. By taking this approach, we help students become successful problem solvers, which, in turn, better prepares them for college so they can pursue their academic and then professional dreams. For the best possible results, we encourage parents to get involved with their students' tutoring process.

Student and Teacher

QuotationDr. Chandran has helped my brother and I very much with math. He has constantly pushed us to be our best and has always helped us with any issues or any problems. He is a great teacher and has definitely helped us both very much."
—Ajitesh B.

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